Saturday, November 22, 2008


hello :) as i am very bored, i decided to blog abt my best friends


Anyway, i stole the pics frm myspace/ yr blogs :P


thats aisyah :) the one behind the reese's :P i met her in standard 1 :) she was in the same class as me, 1 Melati :P i remember she used to bring a powerpuff girls bag :D pink :p aisyah is verrrryyy kurus ;p i mean SERIOUSLY kurus, although she eats a lot. kaeshini says she has high metobolism or whatever. aisyah speaks verrryyy softly. ppl think she's very quiet. but, HAHA, you're wrong ;p she does talk a lot :) aisyah was only my friend last year ;) itu pun sbb i was best friends with her best friend, luckily i was best friends with her best friend ;D she's very kind and nice and entertaining ;) so, yeah :)

next,meet nadiah

this is nadiah :) known as nad. she's been my best friend since std2. and i met her in standard 1, but after aisyah, since she was in 1 Mawar :P i becameher best friend after joining the sticker club :p HAHAHAHAHA.yes, i knw retarded, but, my other friend, joyce tubuhkan tht club :P i remember i used to rehat with joyce and foong wen, leaving nadiah alone :( then, during the middle of std 2, nadiah asked me to rehat with her, i said okay, leaving joyce and foong wen behind >:) HAHA im so evil. :P since tht day, she became my best friend :) nadiah is very talkative and nice :D she also is very good at insulting celebrities :D which is very amusing :) we also used to hv sleepovers once every 2 weeks :) so, yeah :)

presenting, balqis

that is balqis :) pretty right? :Y i met balqis when i was in std 3. masa tu we sekolah agama sama:) the 1st impression when i saw her was "omg, panjang gila rambut budak ni" because her hair was so long it keluar frm her tudung :P when i was in std 4 kot, she was my best sekolah agama friend ;) we used to mengumpat abt this new girl :P ingat tkk? and we used to hate the new girl punya adik >:D we used to squeeze the girl punya hand kuat2 masa we kena salam lps sembahyang. ingat tk? :) haha,balqis likes camwhoring :D haha, anywayy, this year, we met again in form 1!we masuk the same class, and i was like "omg, balqis!"haha, well, balqis is kind, loveess gossiping and a great dreamworld partner :)

kaeshini pulak

okay, this is kaeshini ;) i met her when i was in std 3. she became my best friend only last year, btw, sorry fr the blur pic, it was the only pic i had, and i somehow couldn't find her myspace :O anw,kaeshini is awesome,as awesome as her trampoline which is rly awesome :Y omg, seriously, i can spend like the whole jumping on her trampoline :) i like kaeshini because she tk cepat marah, i mean she is very penyabar :D so, youcan ejek2 her :) HAHA:) shes also very kind and helps me in my studies :P she also has cute jibbitz on her crocs :P

selepas itu, farah izzati

this is farah izzati :) i just met her this year, i remember she sat 1 table away frm me :] i thought she was evil cz she was laughing evilly with edora :S but, she isn't! she's kind and verryy hyper and perky :) she's also veryvery fast at running ;] she used to be the olahragawati at her old school :D she can cheer ppl up when they are sad/ marah or wtvr :P ppl like to cari gaduh with her *cough irene cough*, and when she fights *shivers* scarry :s but, she marah because its nt her fault :) farah is the ajk pjk in our class, coz she's v good in sports as i mentioned earlier. shes also very caring :)

dipersilakan, afrina

this person up there is afrina azhar :) afrina is very pemurah and suka belanja ppl :P seriously, she's also very funny and kind. she loves calling ppl out of boredom, she also loves pink :P you should see her room, sakit mata! pink gilaa! @_@ afrina also loves wasting stuff, HAHA :D selain itu,afrina juga suka as in sukaaa sgt baju yg berbling bling :) 98% of her baju ada blingbling :P i guess the only baju yg tkde is her plain thights :P haha, afrina also loves helping ppl :]

next, intan maisara

this is intan maisara :) she camwhores more than balqis, btw ;) and, the pic up there is her konon innocent picture :P please la, intan? innocent? HAHA, so funny :Y anw, intan is veryy kind and is good at pujuking ppl and camwhoring :) intan also is v pretty, di samping itu, she likes helping ppl as in like, she helps ppl jaga kelas :] the 1st time i met her, i was like gedik gila budak ni -__- but, i was so, very wrong. actually a lot of ppl think she's gedik la, slut la, no, she isn't. she's the most *cough* innocent*cough* person, HAHAHA :D

amalina rahmat and kaiyisah ilina

oleh kerana malas nak type, i decided to put 2 in 1 :P haha, ok, the one on the left, pakai tudung is amalina while the one on the right that looks chinesey is kaiyisah :D ok, i met both of them this year, they were new students, both of them are very enviroment friendly, both in yawa its this enviroment thing. amalina and kaiyisah are two of thekindest ppl i've met! they tk prnh marah org, always cheerful and perky ;) kaiyisah i reallyyyyyy good at drawing while amalina is the yawa secretary. her aunt was the one tht tubuhkan yawa, btw.:)

k la, thts all of my bestest friends ever!

i love you guys! <3


kaeshini:) said...

thank you:)
i love you too
and i met you in Std 2!!!!!!!!!

Intanooo said...

Karynaaa , BEE lg VAIN LAHH!
everyone said soo -.-