Sunday, January 4, 2009

16 more hours

hello :)
omg, 16 more hours till school D:
omg, i'm so NOT looking forward to school -_-"
ugh, i didn't even do my interact essay yet, grr -,-' ahaha.
okay, okay :) hmm, i was supposed to go to farah's hse today, but, afrina couldn't make it, she had to go buy bag sklh -_-"
and, we were supposed to celebrate her bday :)
i was looking forward to go, to see them all. hmmmpphh -.-

oh, i remember, LAST YEAR, when, me, farah, balqis, amalina, kaiyisah, intan, and afrina used to be one gang -_-
we used to make A LOT of noise, haha.
haha, we always berkumpul-ed at amalina's place OR intan's place and gossip :P or like, do stuff, haha.
we also used to make lotsa cards -_- together. haha
and during exam time, we also 'studied' together, haha.
haha, i miss all of them.

1 comment:

Farah Izzati 8) said...

awww :')
you still remember!
i miss those moments too!