Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year -_-

yeah, yeah, happy new year. -.-

i spent the last of 2008 watching mamma mia while everyone else were lepaking with ppl -_-"
haha, wtvr je la, idc :P
omg, mamma mia was soo awesome! ;)
oh, we arrived at istana budaya just in time fr the show, haha :)
the show was frm 8.30 till 11.00 kot :/
but seriously, best gilaa. 100 times better than the movie.
so all you ppl who ddnt go, its okay, go the next time! ;D
oh, and the mamma mia ppl were very,very horny -__-"
they should rate that show like, PG13. haha.
there were A LOT of touching at inappropriate places scenes and *cough* well, yknw :P

yumm :9
i'm currently eating kinder bueno while typing the interact essay :P
omg, my cats love giving us gifts -___-"
they just gave us a cicak -_-
they give us new presents every week -__-
they gave us a rat and a squirrel once -.- ugh
hmm, tu je la. ;)

bbyee :D

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