Sunday, February 8, 2009


hello :)
omg, sumpah aqila tk tau guna dslr -_-"
she ddnt un-zoom the camera and thts wht i got :)
anw, my cousin's 6+ tau!

cousin : have you ever eaten cat?
me : O____O EE! NOOO!
cousin : kesian dia, tkde tail :( *its tail's just short*
me : righttt -_-"

HAHAHAHA, tk lawak pun sebenarnya :)
sajeje :P

sofeya : *rambles abt african ppl*
me : -_-"
sofeya : you hv to pity them, they dont hv clothes!
me : O______o they do laa! -.-'
sofeya : then, the guys kan, their birds will be hanging out! :D

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