Tuesday, February 3, 2009

thumbs up! :O

hello :)
i'm currently in school :)
yeah, its ictl time again! :DD AGAIN, yasshene's next to me, haha :P
anywayyy, today, we had a new jadual -.-'
omgee, crysis! :OO
HAHA -_-"
anyway, today, sabrina and i made our bm teacher a drawing ;)
we drew it guna paint, teehee ;]
anyway, on thursday, were going to disect cows eye! O.O
i like, seriously can't wait! haha, i'm so excited! @_@
haha, i nak bawak camera to ambik gambar banyak banyak! :)
so, today, were going to have merentas desa, :P
oh, i got three signatures fr the interact thingy -.-' HAHAHAH
amira was the most UN scary, hee :]
hmm, oklah, thts all, i guess :)
will update on friday, about the COWS EYE DISECTION! :DD
bbye <3