Friday, March 13, 2009

choral speaking,

hello :)
i recently read angela & hanna's blog post(s) abt stephanie :)
FUYOO O.O stephanie is like so awesome! 8D
okay, okay. anw, i wanna blog abt choral speaking :)
okay, we practiced a lot :O
my throat hurts -.- HAHA.
okay, okay. hmm, our class won second place! :D
i was kinda surprised, cause like, our class forgot our script and stuff like tht.
haha, oh, i'm only uploading those two :)
one is our WHOLE class doing the choral speaking thing.
(yeah, i need a zoom lens)
and, the other one is CHONG SOO SUN <3 with a ribbon in her hair.
trust me, it was HARDDD even trying to get a picture of her. :p
so, yeah :)
thank you, bbye :)

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