Saturday, March 7, 2009

hello :)
today, i woke up at 7.45 :(
i had ballet at 8.30 D: i know! who can dance at 8.30 in the morning? -_-"
anw, fr class, i came like, 1 minute or 2 minutes late :/

me : *cracks naomi's fingers*
naomi : hey, don't do that! my wedding ring won't fit my finger if you keep on doing tht!
teacher : GIRLS! stop talking! you have to concentrate in class! watch while i correct yr friends >:(

HAHA, i tau, its nt funny, you shld hv heard it then la -__-"
okay, anw, after ballet, i had to follow my mum to send my sister to school fr a prefect camp thing.
i ddnt wnt to get out of the car, malu T_T
HAHA, but, i did la, SERI WAS THERE! <3
haha, i thought i wld be a loner there.
i said hi to cikgu razman, :') he sayed hi back, LMAO -_-
okay, then, i went back home. i did my piano homework.
then, i had a LOOOONG piano class. :/
then, i slept, i think :p
oh, and now, i'm online. -.-
HAHA, so nt funny -________________-"
okay, bye!

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