Saturday, March 21, 2009

show them what weve got ;

hello :)
i'm currently blogging in my cousin's hse, melissa -.-
LOLOL, anw, yesterday, i went to aqilah's hse fr a 2 hormat class party -.- HAHA ;D
it was fun! :)
we played guitar hero on her nintendo Wii, & OMG bit was so addictive O:
HAHA, i played mostly the bass (?) well, i think.
the drums were HARDDD :S and the singing was coolio 8)
haha, anw, then, we played the american idol singing thingy on her Wii jugak.
wooh! best gilaa :)
everyone sang together, HAHA ;D
oh, && i got to meet PC :D haha.
PC is aqilah's sister, PC stands fr 'perasan comel'.
and yes, her sister actually calls herself PC -_-" haha.
but, PC is cuuute @_@ HAHA.
anw, i heard stephanie play one of her SUPER DUPER awesome songs! O:
she was soooooo good :/
okay, i gtg.
too lazy to write somemore :)

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