Saturday, March 7, 2009

woosh! O:

hello :)
so,i'm online, again :D
sadly, i hv to use the laptop D:
and, thts a bad thing, cause i dnt like the laptop :(
well, at least ada jugak rightt? ;p
okay, hmm, no one seems to be updating their blog T_T
HAHA, anw, just now, after i onlined, i drew a picture! 8D
its bertajuk 'save the earth' 8)
HAHA, i did it just because i was bored,okayy? ;P
hmm, don't you just miss std.1 drawings? ;]
like, the keburukan and the ugliness of them? :')
haha, well, my std.1 cousin came over and drew a picture -.-'
the ppl in the picture were SO cute o.o
dah everyone in the picture pakai baju sama! :DD
colour Sri Aman pulak tu, HAHA ;D
oh, wait, lemme take a picture of it now and uploadkan on blogger :))
okayy, jap eh! ;]
oh, there WAS a sun on the left tau, but, well, er, er, BLAME THE WEBCAM >:D
:p okay, okay. lol.
i better shut up now or something.
k, bye!

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