Saturday, April 4, 2009

shabooya :D

hello :)
okay, i want to blog about everything :D
okay, so, hmm, lets see, OH APRIL FOOLS :DD

me : JASWEEEEEEEEEEN! yre soooooooo pretty eh, today? :D
jasween : OH, rly ah *kembang*
jasween : *inhales & exhales*

teehee :) i did that to manyy ppl.
and, NO, i didn't mean it, okayy? :P HAHA
oh, hmm. wht else eh?
okay, HA!
Yesterday, i woke up at 7.10 a.m -.-
and rush, rush, rush pergi school.
at 7.36, i sampai-ed school.
i had to pick up a LITTLE piece of 'sampah' HAHA and then i cld go :)
hmm, TODAY! :P
okay, as usual went to school. nothing interesting happened.
AFTER school, Aisyah <3, Eli <3 and I went to Eli's hse :)
we lepak-ed fr abt 15 mins (?) -.-
then, we went to Ellysha's (Eli's sis) school, to send her.
then, we went to Pizza Hut (-.-) to eat pizza la duuuh -_-
we ate.
Aisyah and Eli got themselves new boyfriends, HAHAHHAHA 8D
*names will not be mentioned*
teehee. fine la, it was the pekerja there, and NO, they didn't bercouple with them, okay? HAHA.
then, we went straight to school, rumah biru. :)
we had senamrobik.
we were late :/ Dian was mad, i think ;s
then, they went home. tinggal i je.
so, i lepak-ed around the school with VARIOUS people.
&&, SORRY SASHA (yr nail) TEEHEE :S
oh, and who knew, talking to Nurren & Sasha IS fun :) HAHA :D
oh, ada cheer tmrw :)

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