Saturday, September 19, 2009

hello :)
so, yesterday was a very um, random (?) day :o
i talked to Hannan on the phone for 3 hours, till 3.00 am ;p
talked about um, everything, HAHA :P

me : eh, hannan, cuba tengok sebelah you ada hantu.
hannan : D: ALAA janganlaaaaaaa D:
me : HEEHEE >:D seriously, omgggg hantuuuuuu!
hannan : youuuuuuuu D:

HAHAH, it was fun doing that >:P
oh, and Hannan has the scariest cousin everrrrr.
she was like "diamlah babi" so many times to Hannan, haha :P
so yeah. byeeee.
i need to do my geo folio, HAHA.
and then, need to pack :[

P/S : Sasha & I are so gangsta we talk about smileys ;B

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