Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now i'm rap star.

hello :)
i am boreeeeeed.
&& i'm not going to send my geo folio tomorrow >:D
heeeeheeeee. whatever.
anywaaay, school was okay, today, minus the fact we had to learn a lot -_-
sivik was okay, though, teacher decided to let us 'buat kerja sendiri' >:D
so, obviously, I talked 8D
during sejarah, teacher was reading from the textbook, something i can do by myself, so i decided to write letters to people, haha.
i wrote around five letters, hoyeaaaaaaaaaah.

theeeeen, during recess, we didn't have tadarus :'D
so, i went to the canteen, yeah, just watched people eat.
haha, no lh, Nureen, Lissa, Sasha, Kaii were there, and Yassh, Soo Sun and Pik Leng came with me, so yeah. stood throughout the whole recess with all of them, talked, WEIGHT LIFTING COMPETITION, BAHAHA ;B
Soo Sun Poopypants gila was eating peanut butter and jelly :P HAHAHA.

after recess, it was math -__-"
circles are coooool ;P
omgggg, i faked laugh the whooooole time >:D

Pn. R : so, girls, the major arc and minor arc blablablaaaa. so, don't mistake major and minor like meja and kerusi, okaaaay? *bangga because her joke was so funny -.-*
Jasween : HAHAHA, so funny lh, meja and kerusi, HAHA =.=
Soo Sun : -_- ha-ha. (she had the most sarcastic laugh)
Pn. R : *bangga* heheh.
Jasween : see, teacher dah bangga already, we laughed at her jokeeee -,-

HAHA. OH! HAHAHAHHAHAH after math, i think some people in my class had a sajak competition, so we went down and brought our bags with us.
theeeeeen, we put our bags down and went into the dewan.
theeeeeeeen, we had to go out of the dewan, and go for science -,- i know, wtf right? haha.
anyway, while Karishma & I were taking our bags, Jasween was still in the dewan >:D

Karishma : EH, KARYNA, do you want to hide Jasween's bag? >:D
Karishma : where? :D
me : under the tree, jooooooom, HAHAH ;DD

so yeah, we hid her bag under the tree, not far from where she put it, it was kinda easy to spot it, though :]
'cause we're nice people >:) we wouldn't want our friends to suffer, HAHAHA.
anywaaaay, Karishma & I left a note on her bag, it said ;
and well, it was pretty obvious ;P
well, who else would want to hide their friends' bag? LMAO.

so, yeah, then Karishma & I walked to the science lab.
bumped into Soo Sun otw, she asked me to follow her to the class to get her stuff, i told her about Jasween and her bag >:D
heee, we decided to spy on her, so we did. HAHAHA
it was so funny, looking at Jasween looking for her bag, kesiaaaaan ;P
in the end, she found it.
Soo Sun & I were laughing non- stop :P
it was so funny.
then, walked with Jaswon & Soo Sun to the science lab, was like, 30 minutes late (?) heheh.
oh, Lissa gave me a letter :')
i'll post it up when i'm rajin enough to upload it :)
so, yeah. had agama after that in the surau.
Hanna had to pick the scariset place everrrrrr, in front of the ustazah's face D:
and so, obviously she's one of the teachers who hate me.

then, went home, watched tv, slept.
ah, I love friends <3

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