Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Speak to me.

hello :)
so, school was okay (;
didn't do much. had 3 free periods, which means like, 3 free hours.
spent the time wisely by talking to friends, about ghosts, HAHAHA :PP
i know, i know, we're too cool ;P
anyway, i love my friends, i take back what i said that day, hee, well, they do tell me stuff >:]
hahah, well, at least Yassh does >:DD

anywaaaay, I finished my math homework O:
i know, omggg HAHAHA :P
aaand, i have ballet, later :[
eee. i hate ballet.
oh, and Aisyah gave me letter, with Domokuns picture, aww so sweeeet :P
i'm going to put the picture of it on my blog, but not today.
i'm in a rush O; HAHAHA
no, seriously. got to do geography folio.

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