Friday, October 23, 2009

Dont stop, make it pop.

hello :)
so, today was awesomeeeeeeeee, hihi. well, that's only because exams are over :D
so, like, i woke up as usual, went to school, math was okay, i guess.
we had like, 2 hours before geography, so talked to my 2H gang

pik leng : eh, tell me some new songs.
me : oh, Karyna is cool by Justin Timberlake :D *sings the song, haha*
pik leng : -_- seriously lh.
me : heehee, there's also Pik Leng is lame, Yassh loser and Soo Sun bimbo :D
pik leng : -.- yeaaaah yeaaah. i downloaded all already except for the Karyna is Cool one -.-
me : -__- cehh.
pik leng : oh, and at the end of the Karyna is Cool song, Justin Timberlake says "yeah right" -_-

i know, not funny, but ehhey, it was funny when she said it, but whatever .
so, yeah. rehat was the usual exam kind of rehat, studying in the pondok thingy.
oh, and before that, there's this stupid prefect which demerited me 4 times in a day -,-
so yeah, now my marks are NEGATIVE 16 -__- hehe, nice oneee, i know.
oh, and while studying geo,

(teacher was sitting behind us -.-)
me : *sing to soo sun* i've never felt this way before, but with someone like you it makes sense, (no nooo, i'm not gay)
teacher : o.o *stares*
me : -___- *stares back* ;P

haha, oh! i just noticed my phones' macro actually works ;D
becaaaaause, while studying geo at home, i wanted to take a picture of something, and the picture quality of my phone looked a bit cacat, like from 3 megapixels to like what, 1.3? -_-
anyway, then, i was like "wtf? -.-" and so i started to press all the buttons, and gave up halfway, aaaaand when i tried to use my phone again, heehee, it worked, lol, i know so jakuuuun, tkpe Karyna is cool :P heehee.

anyway, had japanese today, bo-riiiiiing. oh, it rained today :D i like rainy days, yay! hahah.
before japanese, Adline asked me something very well, teehee *giggles.

adline : i know what you did today ;)
me : o.o what did i do?
adline : my friend told me, i know what you did.
me : o_o WHAAAAAAAT? D:
adline : lemme give you a clue ; *some sensored things*

noooo, nothing disturbing okay, it was a misunderstanding, heehee.
it's not my fault Pik Leng drinking my Zoom 100 thingy in my pocket under a book looks wrong to some people =_=
so yeah, hahaha.
oh, and after japanese, Seri, Aqila, Nadd & I went to the field to watch Hanna and the other football people play football, it was funny ;D
&&, they were good (Y)

adline : *pours water on her head*
seri : FUYOO SO SEXY >:D

muahaha, Adline, adliiiiiiine :P
so yeah, bye byeeeee, will update later

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