Saturday, October 31, 2009

I can't help myself.

hello :)

So, today was a good day, HAHAHAHA. No, seriously. It was only okay because there was cheer

Hee, so anyway, learnt a lot in school -.- Didn't learn for english only, itupun it was freaking boring, because Jasween didn't come, Pik Leng was doing her science notes, Atikah & Soo Sun were doing piano homework and Yasshene & Karishma were talking about something, ahaha. So, talked to Seri, Aqila, and Aqilah.

KH was surprisingly okay, Well, that was because we did this elektronik thing and it wasn't hard, so yeah. Talked to Pik Leng & Soo Sun about .. stuffs *kenings. Heehee. SO SWEET KAN, PIK LENG? HAHAHA. So not, haha. Didn't manage to finish it, because other people were hogging the peralatan and our school is so rich they don't have enough sockets for the stuffs, haha.

Anyway, after school, had C-C-CHEEEEER (!) :D Damn, i miss that sport alot. Had to teach the newbies the basic stuffs. Like High v, Low v, and other stuffs. There's this tiny girl. And when I stood next to her, I felt tall (Y) Heehee. Ah, I love life :P Anyway, Lissa came :o Haha. I didn't expect her to come, lol. But she was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD (Y) Heehee. Nureen was gooooood too :D And so were all the other people too. Haha. We even taught them Elevator, the most basic stunt thingy. Haha. They weren't bad. Just abit cacat, HAHA. No lh, they were okay lh. Then, yeah. It ended at around 3.30 (?) Haha, i'm not sure.

So I called my mom and asked her to pick me up. Adlina was there ;D Haha, it has been a long time since I last talked to her. So yeah. My mom fetched me, went home, took a bath, online terus. Haha. So yeah.

Called Melissa, she was in the car. Talked for awhile. She was acting retarded, as usual -.-" But it's okay. She loves meeeeee . Heehee. Seriously.

Me : Byeeeee. I hate you :D

Melissa : Heheh, I don't hate you :P

Aww, cho cweeeeeet. Ew, I sound like a rempit. Haha. It's okay. I'm still cool. Oh, i'm going to AAR tomorrow. Kinda lazy. Okay fine, very very very lazy. But it's okay. I know it'll be worth it. Haha. So yeah. I want to eat eventhough it's quite late for dinner. Haha. So yeah byeee <3

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