Thursday, October 29, 2009


hello :)
So, I was reading peoples blogs, and ;

"Aqila suggested we do something like A Walk to Remember, hence the post title. Our drama was called "Perjalanan Cinta untuk Dikenang." :D Karyna was Landon Carter, and I was Jamie. Of course, when you plan and "rehearse" a last minute drama 10 minutes before your performance, things tend to go haywire ;p Thank God, it wasn't so bad. Karyna was all


- taken from Hanna's blog ( :)
HAHAHAHA, aww, kenangaaaaaaaaaaaan, HEEHEE. My BM is the coolest, don't you think? Haha. Heeeey, it's not my fault I had to translate everything in my brain, on stage spontaneously -.-
Whatever, Karyna is cool.

Anyway, everyone is asleep in my house, like omg, they're usually not asleep this early, it's only 11.43 D:
And yes, it is very scary -,- Shadap, hahah.
So, I have been laughing to myself and vibrating (from laughing lh -.-) on this chair for th past 9 hours (?) -_-
Hahah. Anyway, I found (okay, actually my dad did) my PSP's casing, but, I still don't know where the effing charger is -.-
Haha, whatever, I still want Guitar Hero Metallica (!)

So, i'm skipping school, tomorrow, because i'm too lazy, and we don't even learn. The whole 2H gang is skipping anyway, tomorrow. I need to catch up on my sleep AND homework D: I also want to perfect my Bella's Lullaby -.- Haha.
Then, at 2.30, i'll be going to school, for sejarah drama practice. Still haven't figured out the costumes for SOME of the roles, SOME okay, Hanna? ;)
Omg, this is so sad, i'm laughing by myself at Justin Bieber -.-
Oh, I only have another 10% of KH notes to do, thanks to Angelo :D
You know, I don't really know if i'll be able to join cheer next year :'(
My marks are freaking baaaad this exam, and if I don't get good results for this exam, no cheer :'(

Me : ALAA, if i get bad marks for this exam, my mom won't allow me to join cheer D:
Angela : But well, you do have to concentrate on PMR.
Me : ... -___-

Well, she does have a point, but cheer is just as important

So yeah. Will blog later, if i'm rajin enough :)
OMG so weird, I suddenly hear Seri's voice saying "EH, KARYNA!" -.-

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