Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a beautiful chocolate maaaaaaaaaaaaaan :D

hello :)
So, i took a quiz on Facebook about my top followers or something, it's so fake -.- Hahah. Cause I know Madiha stalks me morrrrre, HEEHEE >:D

hee, and if you're blind, click lh -.-

SEE! ADLINE LOOOOOOOVES MEEEEEEEEEEE :D No, seriously, haha. And Melissa loves me too, hahah.

Anywaaaaaaaay, school was okay. Everyone came, except for Atikah ): She's sick. Aww, so sad. We didn't learn at all. Had BM drama, I was someone called London, or something, ask Hanna lh -.- Haha. Our drama was called 'Perjalanan something something' haha, idk lh what it's called :D

Aaand, we got number three! ;D Not bad, since we started to bincang about it, like, FIVE minutes before we had to do the thingy, haha. Jasween was obviously very spastic. Hahah.

So yeah, byeeeeeee

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