Wednesday, October 28, 2009


hello :)
so, school was great, because all of my friends came, well, except for Yassh, but well, it's okay, Hahah.
Geo was bad, well, got like, so many mistakes when we checked the paper D:
And the other subjects were okay, ICTL was the best >:D
Muahaha. Did a little bit of stalking with the bestfriends
Chatted with strangers, using Jasween's Facebook >:D HAHAHA.
After school, had japanese exam. HAHAHA,
was the second to send in the paper, after Kaeshini.
And you wanna know why? Well, because I hentam-ed 99% of the paper :D
Yay, I'm failing -.- It's okay, Kaeshini can fail with me.
Then, had sejarah drama. Didn't do anyting at all.
I want to skip school tomorrow, but we have BM drama -.-
I'm gonna be the rempit, with my other rempits
So yeah. I have ballet later -.-
Byeeeeeee <3

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