Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All the right moves.

hello :)
So, as I said in my earlier post, I woke up pretty early by a phone call from Asyraf. So yeah. Anyway, I sorta kinda slept back. Then I woke up again. I got ready for futsal -.- Ee. Haha. I know, Karyna main futsal? HAHA. Anyway, Asyraf came to my house, straight to Sports Barn. We were supposed to go to Elynna's house, but tk jadi, so yeah. Got there, blablabla. OMG OMG HAHA GUESS WHO I MET, YASSH? HAHAH I MET HARIRAM LOOOOOOL. So yeah. After that, RUDOLPH came HE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT :)) Stalked him. Okay fine, I didn't play at all. Stalked Rudoplh most of the time :P So yeah. Aqilah was stalking him too, okay haha. So yeah. Malas nk cerita. Had gym blablabla. Tuition blablabla. So yeah byeeee

Me : *eats salad*
Daddy : Eeeee. *does the kambing sound*
Me : -_________-"

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