Sunday, November 22, 2009


hello :)
So, onlining is very boring nowadays, like seriously. So, i'm like, downloading songs. And I don't even know what to download -.- Any new songs? Ee.
Anyway, I remember this from hari kanak-kanak, LOL :

Razman : *passes Aqila*
Aqila : Razman! Come here.
Razman : *goes to Aqila*
Aqila : *hugs Razman's legs*
Razman : Aah D: *tries to get away*
Aqila : *kisses Razman's butt*
Razman : DDD: *escapes*

HAHAHA. So yeah. What a weird friend, I have ;P Anyway, tomorrow, will be going for futsal (!) (I know, HAHAHA) in the morning, and gym from 3.00-4.30, followed by OU, only if I still have enough energy LOL :P So yeah. Hmm, did I ever tell you how much I love the starting of Trouble Is A Friend? ;D Well, i'm telling you now :) Haha.

ANYWAY, OMG I DIDN'T TELL YOU GUYS YET THAT I FINALLY CHARGED MY PSP ;D Yes, I did. Haha. After like, um, 5 months (?) Heehee. Feels good playing Loco Roco & going online on it after so long :') Haha. Oh, Elyssa is out with my parents to get her new phone ): And that's bad. Cause I didn't get a new phone. So yeah. I am very sad. AWW. Fine, i'm not so sad lh actually. Okay fine, I am.

So yeah. I'm so bored. Byeeeee
I need to do something productive, yknw -.-

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