Friday, November 6, 2009

Down, down, down, down, down.

hello :)
so, today was a normal day je lh. Nothing special happened.
Started the day with sejarah drama -.-'
It was very very very kelam - kabut, since we were the first class to perform. We changed super fast, got the props ready, and yeah. Angela forgot to bring her costume -.- Haha. But managed to work it out in the end. So yeah. Our drama was very .. messy. We didn't do the very important part, because the narrator was abit too fast.
In other words, we sucked. HAHAHAHA ;D
Anyway, everyone was so like nervous and stuff, and you know what Jasween was doing? -.- Eating grapes that were meant to be for J.P Rodger (?!) or somebody.

Everyone : *freaking out*
Jasween : *munch munch munch*
Jasween : HAHAHA :P

So yeah. After the drama, we wanted to stay in the dewan, to watch all the other classes perform, but NOOOO. Pn. R came into the dewan and asked us to learn in class -.-" Very nice oneeee. Everyone changed, but I was too lazy. I mean like, obviously you'd want to wear tshirt and pants rather than your school uniform right? :) Haha. So like, yeah. After math, it was recess, HAHAHA.

Some form 1's : *sings Happy Birthday to some girl.
Hanna : Who? :B
Mira : Um .. LAILA?! o.o

So yeah, we sang to 'Laila' :D HAHA. It was so funny, hihi. Anyway, after recess, Pn. P didn't come into class, it was veryyyy boring -.- Because Jasween wasn't there, haha. So, Pik Leng, Yassh, Soo Sun & I decided to camwhore. It was so boring, seriously -.- Haha. The lighting wasn't so pretty. Haha. OH OH, random fact : My maid went back to her kampung. She's coming back in another TWO WEEKS =.=" very nice oneeee. Okay, back to the story, haha. Here's one of the kazillion photos we took ;

So yeah. And since we were super bored, we decided to play 'Rate The Pain' :D It's this game where I do something to them, and they have to rate the pain, from 1 - 10 ;D And I was the person who did the thing(s) to the people :D Hehe. Me with Thivya's tongkat I used for 'Rate The Pain' ;D

And they didn't want to play the game till the end, cause they tk macho, haha. They can't stand the pain. HAHAHA. So, we played 'Rate The Geli-ness' :D It's the same as Rate The Pain, but this time, I tickle them :P Hihi.
Three of the sad contestants after playing Rate The Pain :PP ;

Actually they were smiling, but I forced them to do a sad face, haha.

Then, we got bored of the game, and decided to play MASAK - MASAK, hahaha. But it was so freaking freaking boring. So, we decided to make a VOODOO DOLL :D But obviously a voodoo doll that doesn't work lh -.- We don't even know how to make a voodoo doll work, lol. But we pretended we knew, and did some african voodoo that obviously did not work, haha. We actually just held each others hands, closed our eyes, and asked Jo Ee to take a photo of us, HAHA. And you see the things in the middle? Well, those are all the alatans the make the voodoo doll. And they're all Atikah's, AHAHA.
So yeah. It was so boring -.-' And I wasted my time doing it, see, I was doing it very bersemangatly ;D Ignore my face, it's my 'omgthisisoboringandsoannoying' face ;B Hahah.
After like, 2 minutes of doing that, I gave up, YAY. Haha :P Heeey, it was so boring, okay. I was scrunched the voodoo doll yang tk siap lagi and threw it in the dustbin (Y) Heehee. I suffer from ADD, haha. Or was it OCD? O: Idk. Fine, actually I don't. But I needed a cool sentence for this. HAHA. You see, my 'omg-i-give-up-this-is-freaking-annoying' face ;) And I was scruching up the voodoo doll into a ball. Soo Sun's giving me the 'ILOVEKARYNA' face :PP
Then, I got so bored, I decided to walk around the tiny class -.- So, I looked out of the window, and, HAHAHA. Look what I saw, the school janitor climbing the nangka (or is it cempedak? o.o) tree to get the fruit(s), HAHA. As I was very berry lifelless and bored, I decided to take a photo of him. Screw myself for not bringing my z-z-zooooom lens -.- Look! Look! They guy! HAHA. Idk why he wasn't scared of falling down ==" And if you're blind, or you're just super old, click on it, he's the orange blob there, HAHA.

And so yeah. Lepak-ed around the class. Then, when I went to Pik Leng, Yassh and Soo Sun at the back of the class, they were sleeping on each other, aww, sho shweeet :') So, I decided to join in, MUAHAHA. I woke Yassh up, hehe. And there was nothing else to do, except for camwhore, haha. And sorry my face is like taik kambing, ahaha. But this is the only photo of us that had all of us and wasn't blur. Haha.Soo Sun looks scary here :

Haha. Anyway, suddenly, someone asked us to go for KH -.- And everyone hates KH. So yeah. So, we packed our stuffs, and went to the hall for awhile. Until Foo Li Yin came in and said "Teacher asked all of you to go to the KH room or she'll minus your marks" -.- We were like pfffffft. So yeah. But we went anyway. We had to walk faaaar way, cause we were doing our KH in the bilik jahitan. We did the litar thingy, the buzzer thing. Idk wht it is. So yeah. All I know is that it's easy, but scary. Especially the melebur besi part. What's it called? Pateri? HAHA I seriously don't know P: lol. Haha. Look, that's the weird thing we used for the pateri part ;D I love this photo. Idk why haha.
KH was boring. And so, decided to camwhore, HAHA. But this time, by myself, because my friends were doing their thingys. HAHAHAHA. I knowwww, so lifeless. But ehhey, i'm still cool. So yeah. I'm too cool for you. *does the hands thingy like in camp rock xD* HAHA.
It was so funny. Haha. Idk why. Okay fine, it wasn't funny. I just said that for fun, and also because I didn't know what else to write. Haha. You know, i'm wasting my time uploading all these photos, and I don't even think anyone reads my blog -.- well, excpet for Hanna and Melissa. Because you guys are my number 1 stalkers >:) DON'T DENY IT, HAHA. Jasween was somehow acting all rajin, and was actually doing her work properly ;o She was doing it with Soo Sun, HAHA. See, Soo Sun's hair is so awesome :[ Eleleleeee, bangga lh tu P: HAHA.
And so, that's the end of my time-wasting post. I am very hungry, and I have piano, ballet && cheer tomorrow =.= Nice oneeee. Byeeee

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