Friday, November 13, 2009

Even if the sky is falling down.

hello :)
Once again, credits to Phoenix, cheer party 09 :)
We were trying to look like Cassey, lala, but it did not work, obviously. We just look like a bunch of weird people. Haha. Sorry, only Cassey can make it work, kan? :-D HAHAHA.

Anyway, life has been good, so far. Nothing happened today. I just skipped school. Woke up at 12.30, because Hannan texted me, haha. I didn't know if my mom was at home, or still in school for open day :/ So, I watched tv for awhile, and suddenly my mom called me down. I was like "WADAFAAAK". But obviously I tahan-ed macho abit lh. Haha. And so yeah. She didn't say much :0 She just said "You got number *insertnumberhere*. Apa nak jadi niiii -.-" And yeaaaah :D I was surprised Pn. Fify didn't say anything bad about me *lap peluh. :)

So yeah. Anywaaaay, I wanted to blog about so many things today, but I forgot what it is. Eesh. Oh, i'm going for this dinner thingy on Sunday, with Hanna, Nad and some other people. Very lazy to go. But i'll just go, because i'm nice. So yeah. Oh, there's this girl in cheer. She's so friendly, haha. And she talks alot. And that's a bad thing (I know lh I talk alot too -.-), because like, during stunts, she keeps on laughing, talking and complaining -.-" And that's a bad thing. Haha.

Anyway, on Tuesday, we had cheer. All the bersemangated juniors came (Y) :) And that's a good thing. Cause we need bersemangated juniors next year, Yay. Haha, and there are so many flyers -.- Even the tall ones are flyers. Like wtf? So yeah. And so, I based :D I wanted to. Haha. So, while I was basing Hannan,

Me : Cassey, spot!

Cassey : Okay. 5,6,7,8, *counts in a lala tone, HAHAHA*

Me : HAHAHAHHAHA *drops the flyer*

So yeah. It was so funny, okay. And no, I didn't drop the flyer from an extension or whatever, okay. It was an elevator. And NO, she wasn't injured -__-

Hee, I remember last year, while oing a twist cradle I fell down on my hip :') Because someone didn't catch me, haha. Not my stunt group, someone else, haha. Aah, memories :') It hurt like shit. But well, it's all part of cheer. And I actually like falling down, so shhh :P

I was chatting with Hanna, gosh, she's the lamest loser ever :)

hanna: Oh btw you can't go to our class party tau, sbb teacher tgk attendance and like, yg tk memuaskan tu mcm, Yeah cannot go, sorry D;

Karyna :): alaa. i'm so sad. keciaaaaaan.

hanna: You percaya i ke? SEBAB.... NOVEMBER'S FOOOOOOOOOOL.Or is it november fool. or novembers fools. eesh idk lah -.-


So yeah. Lame gilaaaa. I know. Anyway, i'm going to school tomorrow :[
And that's only because I have KH tomorrow, and I have some stuff(s) to do. Oh, And according to Hanna, school's ending in THREE days :O Oh nawwwwww. I'll miss being in a smart class, since i'm gonna masuk a not smart class next year :) And i'm definately gonna miss my classmates. Especially Pik Leng, Soo Sun, Jasween, Yassh, Karishma, Atikah and others

P/S : I took like, 2 minutes kot, to look for my blog in all my tabs / windows o.o HAHAHAHA. Too many LOLOL. So, where was I? Mhmm, oh, I got a lecture from my dad on Tuesday, after I told him I got a B for science. And there was this part where he was staring at me from the mirror thingy. And I wanted to laugh so baaaaaaaaad. But, I couldn't. Otherwise he'd prolly eat me up or something, Haha :P So yeah.

I'm so bored. So yeah byeeeeeee

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