Friday, November 6, 2009

I hate that I love you.

hello :)
So, let's talk about today. Today was very cool. No, seriously. I enjoyed it very berry much-o ;D
I brought my camera to school, and that means camwhoring :DD
Hehe. Camwhored like crazy with the losers I love :)
I wanted to upload all of the photos on Facebook, but well, there's too freaking many ! And malas nak tunggu, hahah. So too bad. Luckily all of my best classmates friends came Okay, okay jap, i'll upload one photo here -.-

Heehee so yeaaah. Aww, all of us look so happy here. Well, that's cause we are. Clockwise from the girl with orange specs : Yassh, Soo Sun. Pik Leng, Atikah, Karishma, me. Okay, okay it's abit cacat, because idk how i'm supposed to write everyones name here if wre not even in a perfect circle. So yeah.

Anyway, had the best sejarah drama practice ever. Haha. Because like, we actually practiced properly, hehe like omggg. AND YOU KNOW WHAT I AM? Well, i'm the costume person. THE BUSH, THE TREE, THE MOON, AND ONE OF THE VILLAGERS ;P Ikr? The tree wtff? Hahaha. But ehhey, IT'S SO FUN :D I mean, someone's supposed to chop me down, and I have to fall :DD HEHEHE. Seriously. It's THE BOMB. HEHEHEHE. So yeah. The props are very berry pretty. Haha.

We practiced like, most of the time in class and stuff. But I camwhored the most lh. Haha. And omg, I didn't know Soo Sun knows how to camwhore.

Me : Eh, I didn't know you tau camwhore! ;O
Soo Sun : Ehehe, FIRST TIME :D
Me : Heehee best tk?
Soo Sun : Okay okay je lh :D

Haha. Sho shweet. Soo Sun lost her camwhore virginity to us, HAHAHA. So yeah. Took about like, 300++ photos? Haha. Very nice oneee. Luckily it was fully charged, so yeah. And at one point, we were camwhoring IN THE FREAKING TOILET, because it wasn't so hot there, haha. And IT WAS FUN :D I love self-timer photos

Clockwise from me : Karyna, Yassh, Pik Leng, Jasween, Karishma, Atikah, Soo Sun :) Heehee. So Sweet.

Anyway, we got bored of the toilet after awhile and wanted to camwhore in the padang, BUT, the football people were practicing their football (haha, duuh) , so we decided to camwhore on the cacated stairs :D Angela Chong was our very own photographer.

Ignore my cacat face, it was so hot, okay -.- Eh, you know, so much for not uploading any photos -.- I'm being so rajin to blog. So be happy :DD

Anyway, we practiced more and more and more. Rehat was boring. No one was there. Okay fine, many tablemates came, but well, Aisyah was at the zoo with her classmates, so yeah. HAHA i knowwww zoo? Hehe. Very berry cool. Oh, I forgot to mention this ; While we were camwhoring in the very wangi toilet (-.-), Adline came in. And she stuck her hand into one of the very berry cacated mat(s) in the toilet. HAHA. I know, mat? Well, it's the squishy kind. The lompat tinggi kind, haha. And well, her hand got stuck in it! :P

Adline : Um, can you guys help please?

Me, Nureen, Yassh, Lissa, Sasha : o.o Why?

Adline : My hand's stuck o.o

HAHAHA. I knooooooow. SO FUNNY :') Well, it was. It took like, 20 seconds to take it out, HEHEHE. Sorry Adline, you know I love you, kaaaaaan? Oh oh, and I merajuk-ed with Adline for 1 hour. You wanna know why? Well, cause she punched me in the stomach -.-

Me : Heeeeey. Why did you do that for? -.-

Adline : I thought you had muscles there -.-

Sakit, okay. Haha. But well, not so lh. But I still decided to merajuk :D Anyway, after rehat, camwhored again (!) -.- As usual, ignore my spastic face and focus on Susan and Pik Leng's face :) Pik Leng, you should be happy I didn't put your fish photo heeeeere >:) So yeah. After that, nothing much happened.

EEEEEE. Buruk gilaaaaaa -.- But haih. Whatever. I'm still cool. Oh oh, after that, Pik Leng, Yassh, Soo Sun, Karishma & Atikah had to do their parts for the drama. So, Jasween & I were the only ones left. And well, there was nothing else to do except for .. CAMWHORING :D *spirit fingers* :D Heehee. And the photos were so pwetty (HAHA PERASAN) , Jasween made a song for them -.-

"CANTIK, CATIK, MEMANG CANTIIIIIK" haha, it's something liddat. But funnier lh -.- Oh, and you know, my friends and I have this new word thingy.

"NI SEKOLAH BAPAK AKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU". -and we say that in our rempitiest voice, when we eat in class or something. You don't get it, I know. But too baaad. Okay, picture of Jasween & I camwhoring ;
I lalaloooove this photo :') Idk why haha. Sorry Jasween, you look abit cacat in here. But I look worse, so we cool liddat. Haha. And I love the way the camera focuses on my fingerrrrr Hehe. So yeah. Jasween is the best camwhoring partner everrrrrr. So yeah haha.

After school, it was real fun. Went to TGI.Fridays after school, went with P, Y and S :) Went there by taxi, came back to school by taxi too. Then, we went for our sejarah drama practice. Hanna was mad :/ I FELT FREAKING GUILTY D: Sorry Hanna ! :(( EH WTF WHY CAN'T I PRESS THE 'Add Image' BUTTON?! D: There are somemore pictures (!) D: Heh. Nevermind.

Anyway, when we got back, we practiced abit. The fellow 2 Hormatians wanted a blade and the blade was in class. The problem was that the gate for Block E was locked -.- SO, Yassh & I suddenly had lightbulbs on top of our heads (HAHA), and decided to climb up the building >:D AND HELL YEAAAHZZ IT WORKED, OKAY HAHAHA. With the help of Serirawwwwwr and Aqilah :) It was quite easy to do so, eventhough I was in my baju kurung. Haha. The coming down part was the easiet. Somehow, Yassh couldn't come down -.- But obviously she did, in the end. Haha. OMG OMG YES, I CAN UPLOAD THE PHOTO :D See! I know, I know, it looks really short kan, the thingy? But heeey, it was tinggi okay -.- Not very lh, but shadap. I wanna feel cool.

Okay so yeah :)
As a conclusion, today was a .. perfect day. Got to spend time with my friends, and had a lot of fun. Can't wait to camwhore again tomorrow (!) :D Need to charge my camera, though. Haha. :P

So yeah byeeeee <3


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