Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keep me awake.

hello :)

So, second day of raya haji, celebrated it at my late grandpa's resort. Didn't see the cow being sembelih-ed, came late because of BALLET -.- I knooooow. Haha anyway, Melissa didn't come, ugh that fool. Anyway, i'm not going to blog about the whole thing. But well, it was okay. Rather odd cause my grandpa wasn't there, haha. There were well, BAPUKS LOLOL :D So yeah. Interesting day.

WILL BE GONE FOR 5 DAYS - KEM TAHAN LASAK -.- I seriously do not want to go. Only going because my friends are. HANNA, YOU OWE ME STORIES. You know, i'm listening to Hannah Montana :)

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