Saturday, November 14, 2009


hello :)
So, ignore Sofeya's face & the thing on her head ._.

So, today has been an okay day. Started the day with Jasween, Pik Leng, Yassh, Karishma, Aqilah, Seri & Aqila. Played shit, mafia and UNO. I swear i'm gonna kill myself if i play UNO ever again. It wasted my time, HAHA ;D

Anyway, Pn. Puteri came into class, for us to sign our oral things. Some loser (JASWEEN, HAHAHA) said that there was going to be a spotcheck -.- Luckily there was no spotcheck, well, it's not like I brought anything illegal (A) :) HAHA. So yeah. Afterthat, we had KH. FINALLY FREAKING FINISHED MY WHOLE FILE :') &&, I found my old work(s) that got lost. IT WAS ON TEACHERS TABLE :P Haha. After that, played Bluff ;D Man, that game is so cool Haha. Went home, slept, took a shower, cleaned my room ;B

So yeah. Byeeeee

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