Sunday, November 29, 2009

This situation is under my skin.

hello :)
So, since I won't be going online for 5 days. And five days is a very long time. So, I would like to say my last few words before leaving :( Firstly, thank you dear bloggy for entertaining me for the past one year and beberapa months :) I have definately cherished the wonderful blogging moments with you And if I don't write in you (?!) ever again, just remember that I love you, and will never stop loving you. Also, once I come back from 5 days of torture, I will promise to go to and sign into before doing anything else :) So yeah. And remember when I wanted to delete you, in form 1? Well, i'm sooooo sorry about that. I regretted that very berry much. I'm happy I didn't.

My life would
never be the
same without


loves IzazEmyra said...

haha, wtf, Karyna -.- haha 5 hari je wei ;) haha I pity you ;p

Aisyah said...

what an unstoppable love <3

KARYNAAA said...

I taaaau :)