Friday, December 11, 2009

570th post :'D

hello :)
So like, I haven't blogged in ages! The last time I blogged was like, yesterday kottttttt? -.- And it was only a birthday post (?) , so like yeaaah.

Anyway, i'm typing this in the notepad, HAHA. For fun. Because like, i'm cool :)
Anyway, today, I had cheer at 9.00 ! And like, I set my alarm at 7.30, but Hahaha, obviously I went to sleep after pressing the "Done" button ;D And so, I woke up again at 8.22 -.- HAHA. Very niiiiiiiice. I know, I know. When I woke up,

Daddy : Why are you awake so early -.-
Me : -________-

Heh. Anyway, I took a bath, blablabla and he sent me to school before going to his hospital. Anyway, got there late, HAHA. Did stunts and blablablaa. Oh! And we learnt the cheer dance for the Sunway thing on the 27th ;D Haha. Oh, and I saw Tina theeeeeere :P Haha. Anyway, waited outside for my mom with Sarah, Nurul and Hanna. Theeeen, Susan came ;D Hehehe. So talked to her until my mom came, OH, and when I called my mom to fetch me,

Me : Where are you -.- ?
My mom : Heehee. Secreeeeet.
Me : -__- You're supposed to fetch me now, you know.
My mom : OMG LUPA HAHAHA waaaait!
Me : -______-"

Luckily I had Susan :D So like yeaaah. Got home, took a bath, went to OU with my mom & sisters. Watched The Princess And the Frog. Aww, that movie's so sweet HAHA. Seriously. Oh, and the frog in my pond went away ;D Hehe.

Anyway, I need a pair of pink Converse shoes. So like yeah. Please take note people ;) *cough. Oh, my moms birthday's this Monday o: Haven't bought anything for her yet, damnnnn. Oh, anyway, you know, I found RM100 in my bag, haha. And yes, the money is mine -.- So like, i'm RM100 richer. I know, that's not alot. But like, I used to be broke-er okay -_- So like yeah. And in the car, I thought I lost my iPod, haha. But it was under my car seat -.- Pfft.

faisal-schmuck: J'adore vagine
faisal-schmuck: ahhaha
Nice oneee -.-
So like yeah byebye :)

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