Friday, December 11, 2009

Bye. Karyna nak mandi.

hello :)
So, my mom logged into her Facebook, and checked her profile, and HAHA look what she saw x)
HAHAHA Yes, Aryana did hack into my mom's Facebook and take her quiz so my mom could get 100% -_-
And cuba tengok what she wrote, "yahoo. i know my daughter :D", tk boleh lame lagi ke? -_- HAHAHA.

Anyway, I wanted to make Horlicks all by myself, so I did :-D And since like, I don't really know to do it, I asked my 7 year old cousin how to make Horlicks :)

Me : Jija, you tau tk, how to make Horlicks? :o

Jija : Tk, tapi I tau kena put milk lh! :o

Haha, so much help lh sangat -.- Haha. Anyway, I just followed the instructions, and OMG SEDAP GILA TAAAU :D Haha. That was a lie. The Horlicks was too sweet. I think I can get diabetes drinking that -_- So like yeaaah. Byebye

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