Sunday, December 6, 2009

Count to three.

hello :)

Picture from Kem Tahan Lasak, stole this from Haziqqah :) Hope you don't mind, lol. And those were my dormmates for 5 days ;) Ignore our faces, there were 3 cameras, no one knew where to look ;p

Anyway, let's talk about today. So, as usual, ballet & cheer. Cheer was fun. I flew a little (flew, hahaha) , it's been ages (okay fine, 2 days) since I last did that. Anyway, will be performing in Sunway Lagoon this 27th, alongside with some other cheer people. And juniors too (!) :O Haha. But well, whatever.

Anyway, went to One Utama after that. I'm happy we went to OU instead of Sunway. I swear, i'm so sick of Sunway =,= Anyway, Hanna, Nadd, Nadzim, Rashdan, Kamil, Faisal & Amir were watching some movie when I got there. So I walked around, bought a tee from Forever 21, and bought PURITY RINGS FOR HANNA & I >:D Hehehe. No lh, not exactly purity rings, but well, Hanna calls them that, SO YEAH.

Then, met up with them, went to look for Kamil's deck -.- Lol. The shop is so cool. And the decks are cool too, juuuuuuuuuust like Karyna ;DD Haha. Met up with Aliah Z, Mai and their friends. The whole Famous Amos thing happened again today -.- Just that today it was for 10 minutes, and in front of this restaurant. Hanna, Nadd, Kamil, Faisal & Amir went to eat kebabs. But I didn't. Cause like, ee haha. I tk suka ;D and like, I was full. So I bought Doraemon ice-cream :D BUUUUUT, they were so stupid. They didn't even scoop the ice-cream into a bekas Doraemon D: So yeah. Ordered 'Tutti-Frutti', but it tasted like peach and I hate peach (except for the Johnson's Baby soap lh, haha. But that doesn't count, cause I don't eat soap). So I threw it away.

Then, walked around AGAAAIN. Went to Baskin Robbins, there was no hokey-pokey ;( So sad. So I ordered this low- fat ice-cream. But they prolly put like, lot's of other fattening stuff, haha. So yeah. Went home. Bosan sebenarnya. Haha.

Pui San : I suck at all games with a ball ! :(

Phoenix : Aww, kesian your husband >:D


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