Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't let me fall.

hello :)
So liiiike, today I went for Comic Fiesta (i know right? HAHAHA) :P And it was the worst thing I have ever been to :D Seriously. Haha. I mean liiike, the cosplayers were cool. Just that there's nothing to do there. And it's damn crowded -.- So yeah. Oh, met Lissa there. She was so cute. HAHA. She was cosplaying as .. um HAHAHA idk what :P But she looked pretty, tho. Like a Barbie :P Heehee. Anyway it was so boring that after 20 minutes, went out and ate sushi. Om nom nom. Bought Krispy Kreme, went home.

Slept from 4.00pm - 7.40pm :) I'm a happy girl now.

Aaaand, this was the only thing that caught my attention, DISNEY PRINCESSES :DD I like the Tinkerbell :)

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