Friday, December 25, 2009

dot dot dot

hello :)
So like, i'm ready fr school, already -.- zzz
Ugh. I can't believe I just said that. But well yeah. Staying at home is so effing boring. All I do is go online, watch TV, play the Wii, go to sleep and eat -.- I seriously would rather be in school with my friendssss. Hehe. But liiiikeee, school = waking up early ;( And i'm not really good at that :P So like yeah. Okay so like, you know, I already bought my school bag, pecil case, purse, shoes, books, uniforms and everything else for school o: I know, so bersemangat. Haha. My school bag, pencil case and purse is Roxy again -.- Ugh idk why but Roxy is so boring nowww. Like the stuffs there are so boring. Haha. BUT, IT'S OKAY ROXY, I STILL LOVE YOU :) Omgg! I want these sandals from Roxy D; They're so pretty! They're brown, and there's bliiiing on it. Ugh. Whatever. Omg you know, I hope they don't change our classes again next year, yknw. Cause i'm in the same class as Aisyah and Kaeshini and Karishma and some other peoplezz. But if they do, I wanna be in 3 Erat. Pik leng gila and Jasween are in that class :P Ah, i'm so happy i'm not in a smart class anymore, you know. So like, this time I hopeee to get at least top 10 -,- Cause like, in 2 Hormat, even getting top 20 dah hebat -_- Sheesh. So like yeah, haha i'm happy :] Oh it's christmas already. Idk why, but this years christmas is like, tk best je. Cause I went to KL last night, and there weren't any christmas decorations ._. Like seriouslyyy, whts happening to the worllldddd? zzz. Sunway je hebat. Haha. Hmm, that reminds me, I don't have ballet this Saturdaay. Yay~! Haha. Omg I just used ~ HAHAHA ew ew ewww. So lala. No offence. So like yeah. Byeee. i want to eat Nutella.

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