Friday, December 18, 2009

Have a break, HAVE A KIT KAT :D

hello :)
So like, you people obviously what pixels are, right? ._.
(Um, to you fools that don't, they're the biji biji stuff the you susn it into a gambar, and you like, iron it, and it'll become this hard thing :o You get me? I don't think so) Haha. Anyway,

Me : *sends a text to Sofeya* I buat pixels for you -.-
Sofeya : Apa? Tamagotchi? 8D
Me : No lh, tetek orang.
Sofeya : -__-

Hahaha amik kaaaaaau.
P/S : Sofeya owes me Baskin Robbins for making
me sleep at 5.00am cause she's so stupid
and didn't bring kunci rumah -.-'
And piano today was okay, haha.

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