Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kem Tahan Lasak 09.

hello :)
So, I'm baaaack. I know you guys missed me so much. Don't deny it :)
Anyway, Kem Tahan Lasak waaaaaaaaaaaas, (look at the picture down there, look at the third from the left, aka the coolest one) :D

And if you're stupid, that actually just meant it was (Y) or in other words, it was great ;P Haha :P Btw, that's like, in Bali (i think o.o) with Melissa and her mom and her dad. Other people were infornt of me kot? SO YEAH HEY MELISSA. ;)


Omg, sorry hey again :P I was too busy stalking someone. AND NO, IT'S NOT YOU, RUDOLPH -.- Pfft. Anyway, yeah. Okay fine. Kem Tahan Lasak wasn't exactly fun, it was okay. I hated the ceramah part ._. Just imagine, 12 hours of ceramah. How fun :) So yeah, Hanna was so funny in the dewan ceramah, HAHA. She was like, trying to stay awake, but tk jadi. Because she was like, half sleeping. HAHA. Wait, before that, I have no mood to blog and like, this'll be a short post. So yeah. Okay lemme do it in bullet form je lh.

  • Okay, so we had to sleep on a mattress on the ground.
  • Luckily I brought my own pillow case and blanket :)
  • Slept with the whole elf gang !
  • Midnight snacks made me fat :(
  • Late night talks were cool. HAHA. Hanna tk comel puuun masa kecik *flips hair.
  • I was in group 6, with Iman, Intan, Athras, Izah, Fatin, Ili, Asilah and someone else, tk ingat o.o
  • We're 'Spartans', HAHA. Idk who reka-ed the name.

Anyway, I was in dorm 1, and ohyeaaah. It was fun, the people in the dorm I mean. Excluding the elf gang, I met new friend(s) >:D Including KAK WAN ;D Hehehe. She's the funniest thing ever, I swear. Haha. And other people also lh. Too lazy to think. Anyway, let's skip like, the first four days and um, straight to the best part of the whole camp - The BBQ night, LOL. We had to perform. And my group did the Ulik Mayang dance -.- We had to learn the thing in like, 2 days. Very niiiice. So yeah. And guess what? Haha. We won first place, despite the fact we were very messy ;) Hehe.

Anyway, the students there who had to like um, layan us (?) during BBQ night were cool. Their cheer(s) were so awesome ! And like yeah. We danced with them, HEHE. It was so fun. Seriously. Probably the highlight of the camp kott. Haha.

Oh, and on the third day, we had the Latihan Komando thingy. And it's actually just merentas halangan, but at the place where the real askars do their training ;B So yeah. There was this part where we had to go on (?) the monkey bars yang panjang gila, and under it ada water tau, and like, most people jatuh, I DIDN'T HEHEHE (H) Yes yes, i'm sooo bangga right now. All of the cheer people didn't fall :) This basically concludes we're strong :-D I mean seriously >:D Like, we go for gym. Other sports don't :] So yeah. It was fun too.

So like yeah. Too lazy to talk about all the other days.

  • We woke up everyday by the sound of Hanna's phone -.- Seriously. I will never ever listen to Friends theme song ever again :(
  • There was this day Wan was like "SAPE PUNYA PHONE TU?! BOLEH TK TUTUP? -.-", HEHEHE.
  • One of the ceramah was so boring, I bluetoothed Hanna a million photos >:D Like, gambar my nenek (HAHAHA), gambar ayam, camwhore photos and lots more. She sent me pictures of her mom, dad, and other stuffs, eventhough she was sitting like, 3 seats away from me :)
  • I'm too lazy to blog so byeee




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