Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hello :)
So, i'm currently listening to You Belong With Me, Malay version, HAHA. Hanna asked me to watch it. I swear, the guy has the worst voice in the world -.- But he's cool, aite :]
But, i'm cooler :)
  • I have piano tomorrow, haven't even done homework.
  • My fingers hurt from typing too much.
  • SPM is over. This is unfair, PMR hasn't even started.
  • Ballet was normal. Hannah came ;D And that's a good thing. HAHA.
  • I forgot how to write o.o
  • The frog in my pond does not want to go awaaaaay :'(
  • OH! And did I tell you that i'm Hanna's third most visited website, after her Facebook home and her blogger dashboard? >:D Stalker muuuuch? HAHA. Her computer proves so :)
  • Omg, Elyssa, Aryana and Jija are sure lifeless girls -.-
  • People are so emo nowadays -.-
  • Hanna loooooves me >;D She almost had a heart attack when she saw that I wasn't going to update my blog till i'm 20 :)
Saya mahu tidurrrr. Selamat malaaaaam Zzzz ;)

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