Thursday, December 24, 2009

hello :)
So like, cheer today was cancelled. I'm happy, in a way. Wow, all the girls in cheer got straight A's for PMR :) You see, so smart kan? So Phoenix & I are going to celebrate by tossing flyers at Sunway ;) Hehehe. Had tuition at 12.00 -.- So early. I had to wake up at 11.30 -.- Pfffft. So yeah. Nothing went into my head D:< Seriously. But likeee whatever. Ohhh tomorrow's christmas :o But like, I don't celebrate christmas but whatever, i'm making a christmas list. You guys get something for me, kaaay?
  • New phone.
  • Macbook Pro.
  • Guitar Hero Metallica DDD:<

And uh, other stuff. Too lazy to think. Anyway, I watched Bandslam yesterday. It was cool. So like, I downloaded a couple of I can't go on, I'll go on songs x) Hehehehe.

Byee :)

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