Friday, December 25, 2009

Henry the cacated hedgehog.

hello :)
Meet Henry the cacat hedgehog :)
He's my new pet. He's nice and friendly. But abit to spiky. And he pokes people with his spikes. It hurts :( But he can heal it just by licking you. Aww, so sweet. I know. I let Hanna share him with me, because she knows how to clean a hamsters cage, and I don't. So, she can help me do it, cause Henry has to sleep in a hamsters cage, because as I said, he's very tajam and i'm scared he'll poke my eyes if I sleep with him :( So yeah. Here, this is what he looks like ;

Henry likes eating Oreo and tomyam, just like me. He also loves Famous Amos cookies. He loves drinking milk, cause he wants strong bones. Okay fine, he's also like Hanna, he loves eating everything. Henry stalks people during his free time. He's currently stalking Nad, Aisyah and 'Qeel' :) Although Henry does not have a Facebook, he always hacks my Facebook to stalk them. But I don't really mind. Because his paws (?) are really small and they're hard to type with. Therefore, I am not scared if he does anything. So yeah. Besides that, Henry also loves watching videos on Youtube such as this ;) Henry also thinks Seri, Nadd, Mira, Pik Leng, Nureen, Lissa, Hannan and Elynna are pretty.

Goodbyee :)

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