Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How you love me now.

hello :)
So, like at the previous post, I said that I was like, going to abandon this blog and start again when i'm 20? Well, that was a lie. Cause like, I was bored & didn't know what to post about :] So yeah. HAHAHA. Anywaay, i'm still in my ballet clothes ;P Omg, ballet is like, sooooooo gay. Like, everyone in ballet is soo lifeless -.- Oh, and I forgot to mention that during cheer, I saw Wan and Egie. AWW. I MISS THEM BOTH, walaupun baru jumpa
Anyway, look at this ;

HAHAHA Hazman, why you so gay oneee? HAHA. Tengok Elynna, boyfriend you camni :P HAHA. So yeah byeee

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