Friday, December 18, 2009

Just a fraction of your love.

hello :)
So, I was browsing through Facebook, aaand I found a 'Shirtlift hebat' group -.- Hahaha nooo, I don't have anything against Shirtlift, they're good. But liiikee, look who joined the group D: (Click if you're too blind and need binoculars to even see your french fries -.-)

Yesss, Yassh joined the group :( How could she? Haha. At least join lh the Dstarz group kan? :( Hahaha. Anyway, Sofeya's friends just came, they're so weird :o

(They were standing in front of their cars, infront of my house at the gate)

Me : Err Sofeya said you kena bagi something?

Her friend : Um yeah. Kena hantar the baju, sleepover malam ni.

Me : Sofeya's not at home :o Um, you can leave your stuff here though?

Her friend : Umm nevermind. Byee. *goes away*

HAHA. So yeah. Anywaaaay, blogging is somehow boring nowadays. OMG. HAHAHA. I can't believe I just said that. Sowwy blog:) Byee.

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