Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet me at the hotel.

Haven't done piano homework, screwwww :(
Anyway, hello :)
  • Had dinner in Shogun for my mom's birthday.
  • Gained 14 kg kottt because of that. Hahaha ;P
  • I have cheer tomorrow. And because of that, I can't go stalk people with Hanna and Aqilah :(
  • After that, will be having piano T_T
  • I love life, HAHAHA.
Anyway, I remembered this convo in the lift when I was in OU with Aqilah, Azraa and Tasyah.

A guy : *enters the lift* Awak diri kat belakang niii. Save space sikiiit (talks to his son)
Son : ..
The guy : Hehehehe. Diri kat siniii. My space. HAHAHA.
Us : *Tahan gelak sebab lame sangat*
Me : Facebook >:]
The guy : ..
Us : *Tahan gelak sebab lame sangat, again. Haha*

I know, tk funny puuun. But IT WAS FUNNY, OKAY WHEN WE WERE THERE D:<
So like yeaaah. Btw, Hanna, Nadd and Hazman raped my wall, singing Pit Bull :P So like I raped them back, singing Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato >:] AHAHA.
So yeah I want to sleeeeeep. Byeezzzz

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