Monday, December 28, 2009

My fingers are falling off.

hello :)
I am tired.
Anyway, hello mello jello, losahs! :D Just came back from Sunway Lagoon, for the D*Starz performance. It was okay, I guess. Woke up early, went out of the house at 8.40, reached Sunway at 8.45. Everyone was in the toilet -_- HAHAHA. I know. What a cool place to lepak in. Went to Starbucks for awhile. I mean like, the whole cheer team waited at the sofas outside Starbucks but didn't buy anything, HAHA. I'm surprised they didn't chase us out :P Haha. Met up with Phoenix and her mom. Her mom did our make up. You know where? HAHAHA. In Juiceworks 8D HAHA. Yes yes, the juice shop yknw? HAHA. Again, we didn't buy anything there. Tumpang kedai je >:) Surprisingly (again) they did not chase us. My mom came after that and helped with the make up. OMG Cik Tan helped us too :D Heehee. The make up was pwetty! But the lipstick was too red :@ Made us look like clowns. If you want to see the make up, look at the photo above, or liiiike, at the post below, or just look at my Facebook. Haha. Then, we went to Sunway Lagoon. Hanna G was wearing her sunnies aaandd,

Clown : Why you wearing yr sunglasses?
Hanna : o.o
Clown : You have a bright future isit? HAHAHAHA.
Hanna : :$ *bukak sunnies*

HAHA. Kesiaaan Hanna :P The clown really is evil yknw. Oh, there was this part (Sarah told me lh) where the clown insulted our make up :PP

Clown : Why are you girls make up like thaaat?
Us : ..
Clown : You girls trying to look like me isit?
Clown : Are you trying to make me look like a clown?
Us : -.-

Okay you knnow what? We sound so lame yknw, talking to a clown and stuff, BUT HEY. THE CLOWN TALKED TO US FIRST OKAY :@ Haha. Anyway, we got there. Waited in at the benches and tables for like vhaaatz? 1 hour or more? :@ Ugh. Then we performed. Haha. YOU KNOW WHAAAAT?! We had to freaking perform on sand. And everyone knows how hard that is, haha. Cause like, the flyers shoes would be really sandy and it'd be really hard to carry and stuff :/ So like yeaaah. But whtvr. Before that, did a few tosses and stuffs, Sobana fell on my chest, ahaha. Sakit gila :P But it's okay. I still looove my flyer no matter what :) I know, I know, so sweeeet. Haha. And the TV3 crew people were being lame and tried to do our stunts x) Haha. Sorry boys, you guys aren't strong enough ;) Oh! And Phoenix scolded one of the crew people xDDD HAHAHA. She's the coolest :)

After the performance, all of us changed into the saaaame thing (without even planning it x)) , we all wore the dstarz shirt and spankies. HAHA. Yknw, I haven't took a bath dari tadi, and i'm still in that :P HAHA. So yeah. Ate first. But like, the food was too spicy. So yeah. And then, went to the boat thingy, you know the thing that goes 360 degrees? haha yeah that oneee ;) BUUUUUUT, !@#$%^&*(? IT SUDDENLY RAINED :@ Haha. So we went to the dry park. Flew flyers in the water and stuff. Ate again x) And yeah.

1 hour after that, it stopped raining, so we went on the riiiiides 8D It was Sobana, Lilo, Sarah, Sabrina, Hanna G, Meetra & I at first, but like, everyone else wanted to do something else whereas Hanna, Sarah & I wanted to go on the snake ride thing 8D Hehehe. SO WE DID. AND OMGWTFBBQLOL. IT WAS THE BEST RIDE EVER. AHAHA. Hanna sat infront, I sat in the middle and Sarah sat behind. Omg. Sarah kept on screaming stuff like


I swear it was very stressing oneee. HAHA. She was so scared and stuff x) Oh, and I just knew today that Hanna is very ticklish :P Haha. So yeah. Oh, and we went on the boat thingyy ;) *kenings, *coughAZMIRcough* ;)))) Hanna enjoyed that ride very much ;) In fact, she wanted to go on it again. Haha. So yeah. Went on the Tomahawk ride thing, and met a new friend. SHE'S SO DAMN GANSTAAA. Her name's Yasmin :P And she's 11 :P

Yasmin : Am I tall enough? D:
Hanna : I don't think so. Yre too short :P
Sarah : Heey! HAHA jahaaat.
Yasmin : It's okay. I'm used being called short -.-
Hanna : How old are you?
Yasmin : Guess ;)
Hanna: 12?
Yasmin : Nooooo.
Me : 15? 16? o:
Yasmin : WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? NOOO. I'm 11 -.-

Haha so yeah. And we started talking to her. Haha. By 'we', I actually just mean Hanna :P Hanna was interviewing her liiiike Social! HAHAHA. Uh, yknw the Facebook thing ? -.- Nevermiiiind. After that, the other cheer girls came, went on another round of the Tomahwak thing. And then, went around again and went on the rides with em cheer bimbos I looove :) Went on the snake thing again. This time with Nurul infront, Sarah at the back of Nurul, Karyna at the back of Sarah and Phoenix at the end. Omg. I tell you waaaan, Never ever let Sarah sit infront of you (AND BEHIND YOU HAHA). She was lying down on me as if I was her bed or something. HAHA. And gosh, she's heavy. Haha. So yeah.

Went on all the other rides and stuff. It was fun. Oh! And you know, all the rides close at 6.00pm kan? Well, at 6.00, all of us wanted to ride this slide thingy. But the lifeguards didn't let us :'( So we did what we do best, beg :DD

Michaelle : Pleaaaaaase can we masuk? ;(
Guy : Tk boleh lh. Dah 6.00 dh nii.
Michaelle : Tapi kita datang dari jaaaaaaaaauh.
Guy : -_-
MIchaelle : Alaa! Last ride! Last rideee!
Guy : Tk boleh -.-
Me : Kami datang dari Perak! :(
Guy : -____-
*after 2 minutes of begging*
Guy : Hmm, cepatlh -.-
Us : YAY!

So, I went on the ride with Sarah, omg it was soooo fun :'D Haha. After that, there wasn't anything to do, cause yknw all the rides end at 6.00 kan? So all of us went back. Aww. Hannan, Nurul, Sarah & I went to Pyramid to eat. Hannan went back before we ate. So like, ate at Wendy's. Sarah & I made an 'unwanted food in burger' mountain :P Haha. Walked around for awhile, went home, and went online straight away ;D

In conclusion, today was a greaaaaaat day :D Ha, tu je :P
Okay so like, i'm dehydrated. And I need to take a bath. I'm so sticky :@ Haha. So yeah byeee. :)
See! I put in colours already, Hanna !

Peace out, homedawgs -.-

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