Wednesday, December 23, 2009


hello :)

I love you soo much, kays? :) So, lemme blog about you. Hehe. So liiike, I met you this year. You added me on Myspace on the 2nd day of school (?) and obviously I tk kenal you, haha cause I didn't know any juniors yet. I thought you were freaky, cause you sent me a Myspace comment that said ;
"I think ive seen you and you pernah nmpk i . But maybe u tak ingt kot . Hahah .:D"
And I was like -___- cause like, how would you know kan, if i've seen you before. Maybe I was looking at your um.. hair? -.- Tah how would I know -.- But like, I was like whatevs. And theeeeen, liiike, the next day, I saw you. But I tk kenal HAHA. Cause your old Myspace pictures all tk namapk muka -.- Haha. except for one (HAHAHA I INGAT XD) with you with the caption "If you see this girl, you can tell her she's ugly" -__- Haha. You were pwetty in the photo, btw -.-' So yeah. And theeen, I was like, HAHAHA MYSPACE GIRL HAHAHA. So like yeah.
We only became close because of Yassh. She was cousins with Sasha, who was your classmate / bestfriend :) So like yeah. From that day, we talked and talked and grew closer :') Aww so sweet. So yeah. See! I remember okay! I bet you don't remember how we met :@
So yeah. Happy Birthday agaiiiiiiiiiin :D I wished you 7 times, already. Haha. Another 6 more times, k! Haha. Byeee

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