Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rempit Coolzzz -.-

hello :)

So liiiiiike, had cheer today, was okay. Shoulder sitting Hannan sure is funny (; Ajar-ed the juniors the exercises we had to do for Kem Tahan Lasak -.- So like yeah. Nothing happened.

OH! OH! Did I tell you that there's a frog in my pond? HAHAHA. Yes yes, like Aqilah's, a sesat frog swimming ! HAHA. It was so scaryyyy! Oh, and like, I like my new night light >:D Cause like, it's sooo terang, and it's not scary :D

Anyway, i'm going for Cheer Jam. With Phoenix, Firzana, Sobana and Mag (?). Haha. But like, idk who to submit the form to -.- So yeaahhhzz. Omg, I tk mandi since like, 8.00am, hehe. I'm so wangi :-D

So yeah byee Will update later.

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