Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This was supposed to be yesterdays post but I was to lazy to finish it, so pretend that today's yesterday, okay? Thanks HAHA :P

hello :)
So first of all, I can't ever live in peace, can I? -.-
Anywaaay, imma blog about today. And no photos. cause i'm using my moms laptop. So likee yeeaaaahz. Jaap. I nk mandi. HAHA brb. Yes yes, it's 10:43pm and likeee I haven't took a bath. Yay! Oh, before I go mandi, sorry I haven't updated since like, forever. That's cause i'm so rajin ;) So brb. Byeeeez

Okay so like, hello! :] It has been 1 hour since I wrote that stuff above x) Hehe. Nooo, I didn't mandi for 1 hour, I was just malas to write moreee. So like, I need to merajinkan diri now :]

Hmm, so started the day with cheer. Got a few new bruises todaaay. OMG OMGG! We tried the stairs stunt. DAMNNNN, THAT'S OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE STUNT, EVERRR. If you don't know what that is, too bad. And we tried a couple of other neewww stunts. Cool ones ;) Heehee. Practiced for the Sunway performance. So tiring. But fun. Went home, took a bath.

OMG you know, from the 'took a bath' part, it has been 1 hour x) HAHAHA. So yeah. Anyway, went to Sunway, they were at Burger King, Hanna, Aisyah, Nad, Nadd, Elynna, Mar, Shahmi, Faisal, Kamil, Amir, Shoben and Izzat were there. Walked around, wanted to watch a movie, but the only movie there was was Avatar -.- And like ew, sape nk tgk? Hahah. So like, walked around. Went bowling after that. Well, I didn't lh. Ew. I hate bowling. So liiike, Nad, Aisyah and I walked around, searched for Nad's brothers christmas present.


Pfft, since the last sentence up there, it has been 1 day x) LOL. Yes, last night I was too lazy so I just saved this in my drafts. ANYWAY, since someone forced me to blog, i'll just have to -.- *coughHANNAcough* -.-

Karyna :): jap i got no mood to blog.
Karyna :): malas
hanna: Alaaa
hanna: Fine what will get you in the mood?
Karyna :): HAHAHAHA
Karyna :): >;D
hanna: OMG I AA
hanna: ADA*
hanna: SERIOUS
Karyna :): i nk
Karyna :): D:
hanna: BUTTT Yre so far away so tkpe.
Karyna :): GRR GRR GRRRR D:<
Karyna :): YOU STPD
hanna: Next time ok
Karyna :): OKAY FINE
Karyna :): :@
Karyna :): YOU ALSO
hanna: Hehe (A)

-.- Pfft. Anyway, where was I? Oh, during bowling, Hanna & I decided to rate people *COUGH* :P Someone got an 11. Other people got below 5 :P Hehehe. After that, we just walked around ate, drank blablablaaaa. Then, the boys watched some lame beauty pageant while Nad, Aisyah & I waited in Starbucks.Then, everyone went to Starbucks, talked. Yeah. Everyone shared 2 sofas -.-' Except for Hanna and kamil, though ;) ;) ;) *keningkening ;) ;) ;) HAHA. So yeah. Everyone went home, excpet for Aisyah, Nad, Hazman & I. So we went to the arcade,

Me : Hazman you following ke tk?
Hazman : Uh, tkpelh. *Waits near the escalator*
Me : Haha whatever.

(20 minutes later)

Us : *goes down*
Hazman : *still near the escalator*
Us : -__-

HAHA. Yes, he was a loner. Aww so sad :P So like yeah. Went home, went to ballet :) Okay, so ballet was well.. fun today ! We got our new leotards. Haha. They're damn gay okay. Haha. They're turqoise but the skirt's aqua -.- Pfft. Spent 30 minutes trying on the leotard and laughing at each other. Haha. So yeah. Okay i'm lazy. I know, this is short. But whatever.



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