Sunday, December 27, 2009

Witch Doctor.

hello :)

Hmm, idk why, but blogging nowadays is quite boring. HEHEHE. I know rightttt? So like yeah. Anyway, those are my sisters. I hate them so much. So yeah :)

Cheer today was okay. It was supposed to start at 8.30, but it started at 9.00, cause Rianne was late, cause she had to get the uniforms, aww so sweeeeet Haha. Omg, I seriously am tasty >;D Heheheee. Cause liike, 16 mosquitoes bit me on my arms and legs ;( And I killed alot of them. Haha. I'm so niceeee, I knoww. Lissa didn't get any :@ Maybe cause she doesn't taste as nice as me (A). HAHAHA. So yeah. Aww, Meetra & I satu gang yooo. Both of us got mosquito bites everywhere. Haha. Anywayy, started practice, blablabla. Oh, we learnt a new cheer -.-' HAHA. It's so stupid maaaan. Haha.


Haha. Sarah & Sabrina are lucky they don't need to do it, haha. Oh, speaking of Sarah, she's so retarded and left her cheer shoes in Nurul's car -__- And Nurul doesn't know where the carkeys are. Smart gilaaa haha. Eww I sound like a wempitz. Wekeke. HAHA. Omg, I forgot to blog about thiiiis : Phoenix, Aisha & I were tossing Sobana, and she did a toetouch, theeeen, she suddenly liiike, tumbled (?! -.-) on air, well, not tumbled lh. Like, uhh, something lh :@ Anyway, she almost killed all of us :( So yeah, tu je my story :) Haha. I know. So cool kaan? Haha. So yeaaah, went home, surprisingly, my mom came early (!) Omg haha my moms phone's ringing. You know what her ringtone is? HAHA. It's Bad Romance lol. Okay anyway, back to the story, went to buy some baking supplies with my mom, went home, onlined, took a bath, slept.

Mhm, I think i'm sick D: tell me how laaah to perform like thiiis tomorrow? D: I mean seriously, I keep on sneezing and yes yesss, I feel sick. Ugh. I have to wake up early tomorrow. We have to meet at the lions head tomorrow at 8.45 o: I mean liiiike, who goes to Sunway at 8.45 in the morning? Haha. So yeah byeeee


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