Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gimme food.

hello :)
Cik Foo called me fat :/

Anyway, i'm not going to blog about today - yet. Cause I need to blog about useless stuff first, okay, hehe. Sorry for the lack of updates, haha. Too bad. But like, I kow you guys are like pretty happy I stopped blogging for a week. Cause like, most of my followers kan, their dashboard penuh with Unwritten x) haha.

Anyway, this week has been hectic. I was ALIVE, BUT BARELY BREATHING HAHAHAHA (HANNA NAD NADD MIRA LOL) ;D No seriously. Okay like, i'm gonna like, give you guys my weekly jadual : D I don't care if you guys don't care, but just read, okay! :D

School - 7.30-2.00 pm.
Gym - 3.00-4.30 pm. (There's also photography this time -.-)
Latihan runah biru - 4.30 - 6.oo pm.
Ballet - 7.30- 9.00 pm.

School 7.30 - 2.00 pm.
Japanese 2.30 - 4.30 pm.
Cheer 2.30- 5.30 pm.
Ballet 7.30 - 9.00 pm.

School 7.30 - 2.00 pm.
(There's most probably gonna be cheer on Wednesdays after this)
Tuition 8.00- 9.30pm.

School 7.30 - 2.oo pm.
Cheer 2.30 - 5.30 pm.
Tuition 8.00 - 9.30 pm.

School 7. 30 - 1.00 pm.
Tuition 4.00 - 5.30 pm.

Ballet 8.30 - 10.00 am.
Cheer 9.00 - 12.00 pm.
Piano 1.00 - 2.00 (?) pm.

Tuition 4.30 - 6.00 pm.

OKAY, SO NOW YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHY I DO NOT UPDATE MY BLOG? Omg, I seriously have no effing life okay. Tuition almost everyday, cheer almost everyday, ballet 3 times a week, study everyday, homework every freaking day -.-' Pfft. So to you people who think their life is so busy, LOOK AT MINE OKAY :@ I mean like, I don't even have a single rest day -.- NOT EVEN ON SUNDAY. So yeah.

Okay fine, I know most of you people have busier lives, but whatever, it's not about you. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME : D

My mom : Auntie Lina asked me to see a drawing of
you and Aisyah on Facebook with 5 pens in your mouth -.-
Me : o__o Uh yeah, hihi.
My mom : -__- Kesian cikgu you.
Me : -.-'

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