Friday, January 29, 2010

hello :)
OKAY HI PEOPLE. QUICK UPDATE! WILL BE UPDATING TOMORROW. Need to do homework. It's killing me. So yeah. Did I tell you I did 166 freaking questions for sejarah? Our teacher has gone nuts :/ So yeah. Byee! Oh, and yknw, I finally like basing. Hehe. I know right? Anyway bye. For real. I miss Hanna's stories! Lama tk dengar. Pfft haha. Oh, and Aisyah, I already searched for him on Facebook, lol. BYEEEE. Ugh, hihi. YAY I HAVE PJK TOMORROW (!) And like, something made me laugh real hard, lol. I'll tell you when i'm free. Kbye! Omg haha a 1 minute update, lol. Niceee (Y) Ew, everyone's using (Y) -.-' Okay, imma stop using (Y) and start using (H) more often. Anyway, that emoticon REALLY DOES reflect on me, HEHEHE. (H)(H)(H)(H)(H)(H)(H) Okay bye losers! Okay shit, I wasted 2 minutes typing this -.- BYEBYE.

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