Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey wempitz.

hello :)
I don't understand why teachers have to give us homework -.- You know we won't do it, so why bother? Eeesh. So yeah. Hmm, speaking of teachers, I really like my new PJK teacher, Pn. Norinda. Haha, she's niiiiice (Y) Haha, anywaaay, BM really is the worst subject ever, I swear. I like Mondays, cause there's no BM, hehe. Eh wait, my favourite day was supposed to be on Tuesdays, cause there's no agama :o But oh well, :D Hehe. EH WAIT, I HATE MONDAYS, LOL. THERE'S ASSEMBLY, EEW :/ Okay wait, you know what? I think I like Tuesdays more now, HEHEHEHE. I know, fickle minded. Whatever (A)(A) Haha. Oh wait, Tuesdays pun tk best sangat, cause there's KH. And my KH teacher HATES Aisyah, Kaeshini and I /]] HEHEHE. Whatever. So like uhhh I think i'll just like Fridays, cause there's PJK, and school finishes at 1.00 (H), lol yay! Haha.

Anywaaay, idk who to stalk already, lol :P I mean like seriously. People are like so boring nowadays -.- Eeew. People don't even blog nowadays, eesh. You know, I really want to keep this blog till i'm at least 20, hehe. For fun, haha. Oh, on Friday after tuition, Nad and I made videos x) About her grandpa like shoes and our tuition teacher ;D But likeee, they're all effing retarded, HEHEHE so ew, cannot post them anywhere. Hehe. And like, Qeel and I are sooo coooool (H). We shouted people's names from upstairs, and hid, HEHE. I know you don't get me, but whatever. We're still the coolest 8)

Us : HANNA! *hides*
Hanna : *Looks everywhere* *Confused face* o.o ?

So yeah. This is what cool people do during their spare time! :D Anyway, Aisyah and I made a song for Kaeshini :D :D But i'm not typing it here okay, HEHEHE MALU :P So yeah. OMG I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE LOTS OF SCINCE TUITION HOMEWORK ._. Grrr damnnn. Pfft. Ohh, according to the teachers, there'll be no Hari K tau this year D: D: D: Ugh, last year also tkde :'( Pfft. Idk why they're not having it this year. Heh. Omg you know whaaaat? Idt we have enough spotters :o Heh okay byeeee

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