Sunday, January 10, 2010

I survived the first week of school :/

hello :)
So ignore the previous post, that was just an excuse cause I was extremely lazy to update my blog, hihi.
Anyway, I was away for like, 1 week, and omg alot happened. Okay let's see,

So, Monday was the first day of school, I was super bersemangated to go to school :$ But whatever, i'm still cool (H)
I'm sitting next to my best frieeeeeend, Aisyah, hihi. nd in front of me is Kaeshini and Karishma. Aliah Z and Een sit nearby, haha. So does Nadd and Dibo, lol. You know what? My english is so broken already :/ So yeah tk kisah, haha. Anyway, not much happened. had gym after school. Hannan, Sarah loser and Nurul followed me home. Hannan left my Laffy Taffy in the bunch of bananas x) Haha. Gym was alright. And my mom gave me a 3 minutes lecture in the car, Sarah punya pasal lh :@ Had alot of homework ._. Yes, even on the first day of school. Had ballet after that, somehow I enjoyed it o.o Lol!

The second day of school ._. As usual freaking boring. Ah rehat, there were the form 1's, they were okay, I guess. OMG, I MET JASWEEN'S SISTER x)) She's not like Jasween AT ALL -.- haha. I mean like, she's so innocent, NOT like Jasween. And she does not talk much. Hmm, had japanese after school. Boringest shit ever.

(Does this japanese dialogue thing)
Hanna : What's our name eh ?
Me : *Reads* Ga-ku-sai? o.o
Me : :$ Hehe.

Okay I know that wasn't funny. But it was funny when it happened. Anyway,

Me : Ee, asal your pencil macam kecik je? -.- Terbantut. HEHE.
Hanna : Macam you je -.-
Me : -___- Haha. Eee, jahat -.-

So yeah. And Pn. Yee said I sounded better than Hanna >:) Hehe. TAKE THAT, HANNA. I'll remember that for the rest of life, I am serious, lol. Anyway, inside joke timeee (!)
"Aisyah faded in my thighs " , LOL.
Hehe. Had cheer after that, went for only 1 hour, cause of japanese -_-; Haha. And after that had ballet, yeahp, AGAIN. Pfft.
Wednesday was okay. For english we had to look for famous people, and I did Oprah Winfrey, lol. Don't ask me, hehe. And Kaeshini was such a loser ;p
Me : Oprah Winfrey looks like Whitney Houstan! ;D
Kaeshini : Yeaaah! Are you sure you didn't print our her photo instead?
Me : -__- I googled 'Oprah Winfrey' -.-
Kaeshini : Haha, maybe! Yknw cause like it's Oprah WINfrey and WHITney Houstan !
Me : -.- So lame, ew.
And eating is so freaking hard, cause there's a prefect behind me AND infront of me, but like obviously the prefect who sits infront of me *coughKAESHINIcough* is very useless and does not care, haha. But like, I have 4 demerits already, and it's only the first day of school, haha. So like, I tried a few tricks so I can eat in class -.-' But tk jadi, haha. Omg I sound so despo ;p LOL.
Me : Look! Butterfly! *points somewhere else so she'll look there* -__-
Sakeena : -__- *doesn't look*
Oh and btw, kaeshini wants to be a guru tadika. Kan Kaeshini? (: Hehe. Oh, and i'm so funny >:)
Karishma : I like Coco Chanel :)
Me : I like Coco .. NUT. HAHAHA I'M SO FUNNY :'DD
Went home, had tuition. Oh, and I finally know what Russian Roulette means :-D Kaeshini told me, hehe. It's this game where people stand in a circle with guns but only one person has the gun with the bullet, so they have to put it to each others head and like, someone'll die or something liddat. haha I know you don't understand, but like go google it :]
Ah, Thursday ;D Normal day, actually, haha. Oh, Aisyah and I had a 'Who can shut up till the end of agama' competition :D Both of us won -.- Pfft. I was supposed to win, haha but wth. Haha. So likeee, we passed notes instead of talking, lolz. OH OH OH AND PN PUTERI CALLED ME TALL, HEHEHE. I was so proud, haha. Kaeshini once again was very jealous. Cheer was cool. Coaches came (Y)(Y)(Y) We're having FOUR coaches this year, including the CHARMS president :-D *bangga* Hehe. And I have a new stunt group.
Pn Puteri : Karyna, can you not use the word 'cool' in your essay?
Me : Haha okay. But i'm cool :(
Pn Puteri : Yes, I know you're cool. But it won't be cool if you use it in your PMR essay.
Me : Hehehe ;D
And btw, I miss Pn. Fify S:
LAST DAY OF THE WEEK. I loove Fridays. Haha. Hm, instead of Miss Foo, we got Pn. Norinda as our PJK teacher. I'm quite happy, haha. Cause I never got her before, and she seems cool. But like, she couldn't talk on Friday, cause she had a sore throat. During agama, Aisyah & I had a 'Who can put 5 pens in their mouth during agama?' competiton x) HAHA. I know, sounds gross. Yes, it is. Haha. AISYAH WON :@ Pfft. It's not fault I decided to say something and suddenly the pen fell out ))': So yeah. Had tuition after school.
ZZZZZOMG Adam's brother was theeere x) And I finally know the nerdy nerds name x) It's um, Razani (?) or something liddat o.o Haha! He kept on answering teachers questions x) HAHAHA. So like yeah. Omg, and awe also got our injection forms D: I do not want to get another injection D: I've gotten enough servical cancer prevention injections D: (HAHA IT RHYMES XD)
Hanna, you should be happy D:


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