Sunday, January 3, 2010


hello :)
School's starting tomorrow (!) :O
Haha. I'm err .. sort of excited (?) in a weird way, lol. I mean I can't wait to see my friends. Hehe. Speaking of friends, all of the asrama kids whatever are all in their asrama's now :P Haha padan muka. Which meaaans Faisal and Amir dah balik asrama HAHAH padan muka. Nanti jumpa hantu lol. Anywaaaay, i'm all set and ready for school ! :D (H) Hehehe. I was so bersemangated last night, so I already wrapped my exercise books in the plastic thingy, hehe. And like, I already put my hand sanitizer in my bag x) Hehe, as some of you people know, I MUST bring sanitizer to school everyday. Cause like, I hate the feeling of dirty hands ._. (Eventhough my hands are always dirty in school :P) Haha. And um, I already put stuff in my pencil case, and oh yeah! I already stuck my names on my books, hihi. See? Soooo bersemangated. So yeah. Anyway, where's Hanna? She's not online o.o Hahaha. Anyway, I have gym tomorrow. And seriouslyyy, I am so very very very very very very very very very very malas to go. Eventhough I loooove cheer, but like, gym is in Sunway, and like ugh from school, balik rumah for 10 minutes, then kena pergi gym balik -_- Ugh. And after gym, i have ballet. But like that's better, I guess cause it's malam, and like, at PJ je. So like yeah. FML.
Omg I need a new cat / kitten liiike RIGHT now! D: My dad didn't let me get the cat, yknw :'( Because he said I tk reti jaga :@ Like hello?! I know how to put food in the cats bowl okay! It's just that I don't do it cause cat food stinks ._. Pfft. Anyway,
Me : Daddy! Ask me what i'm doing :D
My dad : What am I doing? :D
Me : -_____- NOOOO. Ask ME what I'M doing D:
My dad : What are you not doing? :D (Nak buat joke tak lawak)
Me : -_____- CEPATLAAA ASK :@
My dad : What are you not doing? :D
Me : -.- Eeee. So lame. Bye lh.
-.- So yeah. You see, my dad very evil oneee :'( Hmph. Idk what to blog about already. But like, this will be the last post till Saturday :S Okay? Okay! Hehe. Omg anyways, I hateeeee my class next year -.-' Serious shittto. I'm not close to anyone in the class except for Aisyah, Nadd, Kaeshini and Karishma :@ Other people in there are people I don't even know their names okay. Ugh ugh ugh. Hmm, at least there's rehat :D And like, I can see my friends there. Haha. But like, 30 minutes only. Pfft. So sad right. Hahah. EH WAAAIT, 3 Fasih's agama is with 3 Hormat right? Haha good :P Eh wait, I counted and you know, there are only 7 people in the class that I actually really talk to -.- Okay okay. I want to be emo now. Bye

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