Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiche :D

hello :)
So, alot has happened this week. Haha. I'm not going to do the Monday Tuesday thingy like what I did to my last last last laaast post, k? Cause i'm too lazy to type. Hehe. And anyway, i've got better things to do, like study *snort.

Anyway, i've got a new favourite prefect, hehe. I mean she was my favourite prefect for a day. But like, now I don't have a favourite prefect anymore, cause I hate prefects :) Padan muka prefects yang baca ni, hehe.

Prefect : Nails please.
Me : *Shows
Prefect : Oh, it's a bit long, long it's okay (:
Me : ;D Hehe.

So like yeah. See, i'm easy to please (: Anyway, Adline was supposed to join cheer. But her mom tk bagi :@ Ugh idk why. It would be really cool if she did, HEHEHE. Anywaaaay, alot of people joined cheer this year, lol. Including some people I never expected to join, hehe. But well, that's good. Oh, oh,

Me : You know what, Kaeshini? :D
Kaeshini : What?
Me : I want to open my own restaurant :D
Kaeshini : -.- okaaay,


Me : You know what, kaeshini? :D
Kaeshini : -.- Whaaaat?
Me : When I open the restaurant, I must make sure that my name's in the restaurant's name :D
Kaeshini : -.- Like what, Karyna Curryhouse? -_-
Me : -____- HAHAHAHA eeeee.

Hehe so yeah. Oh, before I forget, my bruise is now changing colour already x) You know like first it's dark purple, then it'll be light purple, then yellow, then green, then blue then colourful, then it'll hilang right : D ? So like now, it's light purpleeee, hihi. Sobana elbowed me while stunting, btw. Haha.

And did any of you lose a waterbottle in the makmal thingy place? Well that's cause Hanna and Seri accdently stole it x) They thought it was mine and I left it there -.- So like, they're such nice friends, and decided to take it, HAHA. But like, ew, it wasn't mine, hihiii.

Me : *Talks to Pik Leng*
Pik Leng : *stares.
Me : Oh shit yeah I forgot -.- I' supposed to be merajuking with you -.-

See how easily I forget things? Lol. Oh, and btw, I got in trouble with the discipline teachers again. Small matter, so whatever. Yeah yeah I know, short post, whatever. I've got better things to do. Byeee

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